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Prove to us your a real chav!

Friday, August 27th, 2010

This hot little Asian chav slut who’s called Amira De Leon and is on Chaverly Court because she represents the council estate’s Asian chav community ( these Asian chavs are just as bad as the rest of them!). We like to be equal on Chaverly Court and we know how you hot little chav hunters out there like a bit of Asian! LOL!

Well this Asian chavĀ  is one of the rather more hot chavs we get on Chaverly Court, and to be honest, when we first met her we weren’t convinced she actually was a chav, well she hardly looked the part did she? Not enough bling make up and a true chav tracksuit. Because we’re such hard assed bastards when it comes to details we cannot and will not feature girls that are not real chavs, living on real council estates in flats similar to the one you see our Asian slut in here. This is why we insisted that she prove to us that she was a chav by showing us around the place she lived to make sure she wasn’t just borrowing it. Well, when she introduced us to her collection of bling, trainers and tracky bottoms we knew she was a chav by the joy in her eyes; you could never mistake the look.

Knowing that no-one with any taste would actually like half the shit she showed us, we promptly asked her into the bedroom of the flea ridden council flat and got her to go to work and do the business. She didn’t let us down either, she stripped off and parted those lips to show her wet Asian twat that needed a hard fuck and when she came for us it was like something out of another world I’m telling you; these Asian chavettes really know how to go for it!

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